1st Place–Kindness Crew– Wins $1,000 In Statewide Competition


People say a pic is worth 1,000 words but in this case Ms. Molina and her Kindness Crew proved pics and actions were worth a thousand dollars.  Here’s how:  Ms. Molina and the Kindness Crew took part in the Family Service Rhode Island-Kindness Challenge.  It was and is an opportunity for students and school officials to work together to actively promote kindness and creativity. The only limits to the challenge are the number and types of Acts participants can dream up.​​​

Ms. Molina and her Kindness Crew were motivated by the contest but shortly after starting our Kindness Practices it became much more fun to be kind and carry out our kindness initiative, with or without the Kindness contest. However, her awesome MSW intern Adam compiled a wonderful video of all of our work and the 125 acts of Kindness we completed and we submitted that as our final submission for the contest. This contest was open to the entire state of RI and many schools signed up and began their own kindness acts and submissions.

We are proud and humbled to say the least as we were awarded the 1st place prize for our submission!!!  Thank you all for supporting our initiative!  We will have lots more details to come and our initiative is a year long endeavor so be on the look out for many more waves of kindness.   We are hoping to get entire classrooms next!

1st place winners receive a $1000 check, state recognition and media coverage which took place on Monday November 13th which also happens to be National Kindness Day.  Staff and students were encouraged to wear their Kindness T-Shirts this day to add into the celebration.   JSEC was fortunate enough to have the Superintendent of Providence Schools, Mr. Christopher Maher, join us along with representative from Family Services Rhode Island.

The Kindness Crew plans on continuing random and specific acts of kindness throughout the year.  A copy of the JSEC Kindness Video has also been shared with Ellen Degenerous of the ELLEN SHOW because it directly chimes in the many acts of kindness that occurs on her show.  Ellen always ends her show by telling her audience to “Be kind to one another”.