Getting Fit At The Crack of Crazy—New Early Morning Teen Workouts Starting off Strong


Jose Pujols first time on the weight-assisted Dip Machine.

JSEC & 360 have teamed up with the Hub to provide an early morning Teen Workout Program.  This is the Hubs/PASA’s first extra program started before school.  PASA stands for Providence After School Alliance.  The Hub is a program within the PASA umbrella.    The program was a first at the complex and there was initial inquiry whether or not the program would work-out this early in the morning.  The program starts at 6:45AM, yes AM, as in the early morning.  It gives teens a chance to workout in the morning, design an individualized exercise program, and participate in different activities workout related that even includes certain athletic activities outside the weight room.   The goal of the program is for students to have fun, get to know other students, and also to avoid the weight room after school which often is used and packed by sports teams.

Rope Exercise Demonstration

Ciara Parks, who is the Director of JSEC/36os afterschool programming thought it was a great idea, it was out of the box, and something new as the complex never had run a before school program.  She approved giving it a shot and worked with Mr. Moreau, the Teen Workout Instructor, to get approval of the program.   Approval was almost instant, and the sign-ups began at the Hub’s After School Fair that was held on _______________.

Hub After School Director Ciara Parks along with a few of our Teen Workout Participants.

Teen Workout is a program where students who may/may not be on a sports team can fit in and learn the basics of working out and understand the basic rules of certain sports and games.   The program is meant to be educational, fun, and non-intimidating.  Participants get to use the weight room after participating in a weight room orientation.

The program is meant to be a fun place where all can get to know each other through personalization.  Students are there to help each other out, be an ear to listen, and also motivate each other to achieve their fitness goals.  Personalization is key, if teens enjoy coming to a program, regardless of what it is, they will continue.  This program is a win-win, where teens get to have fun, get in shape, and design a workout that’s specific to their own goals and desired outcomes.The program runs from October 9th-December 13th, 2018.  It runs from 6:45AM-7:45AM and due to it starting so early all participants must enter through the gym doors/weight room door.  The program runs Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Depending on programs enrollment we may run the program for the remainder of the year starting in January.


Following the end of the program, each participant who attends at least 80% of the program will receive a Participation Award.  If anyone is interested you may sign up in the Hub After School Office located in Room 25.  Space is limited so make sure you reserve your spot today completing a Hub registration form.