Life is Like A Piano…..Interview with Hisaias Lizardo Perez


Hisaias Lizardo Perez, Journalist


On Friday, March 9th, our JSEC Newspaper Staff discovered our very own Hisaias Lizardo, a JSEC Senior, had been playing the piano and also sharing his playing skills via his own You Tube video clips.   We thought to highlight this student as it’s not everyday we have students play the piano and also share skills/talent with other students.  The Yearbook Staff interviewed Hisaias which is listed below:

  1. *Whats your name? Hisaias Lizardo
  2. *How old are you? 17
  3. *After graduations what are you planning on doing? Cyber Security training from CCRI, 2 years, then maybe take classes Southern NH University
  4. *If you could be like anyone famous who would it be?  Myself, I want to be true to me and who I am destined to be.
  5. *What are some obstacles you have faced?  Last year difficlut time, for a time we had no place to live, it was really bad, and we were almost completely homeless, I didn’t tell anyone, I was at a critical moment in my life where I needed someone or something in my life that could intervene…and it was at that very moment,  I met God.  
  6. *How did this happen?   A friend of our family had been continuously inviting  me to church, and I had always said ‘no’.   It was at this breaking point with my family that I decided, what do I have to lose, and  finally went.    It was at this time my whole life changed,  I had been missing something, and suddenly that space was filled.  Things started getting better, especially my family relationship.  Through prayer and a lot of work we got a house and everything started improving.  I read the Bible more and started to see life differently.  There was a special preacher who came and he said God would like to use me as an instrument.   He told me God wanted me to play an instrument and use that instrument to talk to others about God.     I thought ‘I had never played an instrument and have no idea how to’ but decided to consider learning and thought it would have to be inspired by God.   So one day my pastor took me into the church office and said, ‘your going to play the piano today’.   As I sat down an pushed the keys I felt the Holy Spirit, which was of God, and it  guided me, it was like a miracle, and I started playing the piano effortlessly and was enjoying it.  I kept working at it, practicing, and I kept getting better and better, and I felt God was using me.  It happened out of no where.  Often we force things on ourselves and this literally happened out of the blue.   I feel God is using me everyday.  The point of the You Tube Channel was to allow God to use me.  Now I practice everyday for 2 hours.  I am doing this to show other Young Pianists they can learn, play, and minister through the music.  I know I can get through to others through the You Tube Channel and through the music.  All people who are going through things.  I believe that through the Word, many can minister to others.   I feel that through this experience and continued expeience, that the hole in my heart was filled.      *Have you performed in front of people and if so where? My Redeemer Lives in Woonsocket                            *What types of music to you like? Gospel                                                                                                                          *When did you start playing piano? 2 years ago                                                                                                              *What inspires you to play? God , I’m not a great public speaker but when it comes to music I can talk a lot and think I can inspire others                                                                                                                                                            *Name 3 words to describe you?   Motivated, Overcoming, & Focused                                                                                *Whats one thing you need to improve on? Academics *Can you give us a sample of your work?  Yes Ill send it and maybe you can place it at the end of this question. 

We wrapped up the interview and downloaded a copy/sample of Hisaias’s piano play: