Parents Night Success @ JSEC

Newspaper Staff, Journalist

JSEC held its very first Parents Night this year on Tuesday October 13th, 2017. As parents entered JSEC they were welcomed by the JSEC student welcoming crew, and escorted to the Library where the event was taking place. Those parents who had limited English skills were giving headsets where we had our very own Mr. Fransisco, who is a language teacher here at JSEC, who translated directly into them the headset from the nights’ presentation. JSEC has long understood the importance of good communication to all parents.

The night began with a warm welcome from JSEC’s new Principal Mr. Vilai Or.   He was joined by JSEC’s two other Administrators, Ms. Ariana Testa and Ms. Carina Pinto. The event had over 4 dozen parents attend and about 5 dozen Faculty and Staff.

Abiam A. who is a Freshman at JSEC came and enjoyed a nice night out with his mother and brother. Autumn who is a Sophomore looked forward to a great night out with her family and enjoyed the night and was happy her mother had the chance to meet some of her teachers. All who attended enjoyed refreshments that were served, which included: delicious wraps, chips, cookies, coffee and soda.

Mr. Or led the night and reviewed JSECS’ school wide and district goals, and introduced avenues of how JSEC would meet those goals. He stressed the importance of parents taking an active role in their child’s education. He also emphasized and encouraged how vital it is that parents communicate with teachers to ensure their child is indeed succeeding at JSEC.


The night ended with fellowship and JSEC Administration thanking all for taking time to attend the meeting.