**Brand New Scoreboard and Video Screen Gets Rave Reviews** Sports Tech Gifts Comes Early to JSEC…..We Scored!!!!


Farid Tobar, Journalist

Christmas came early this year to the our JSEC students with a brand new scoreboard and video replay/promo screen!   This past year we have had motion video cameras installed, a new scoreboard, and a new video screen that shows replays and information on it.


As many know earlier last year we had the the Rhode Island Interscholastic League RIIL Install motion cameras in the our gym which flows with game play to capture sports ocurring live in our gym.  Sports that will be covered this season will be wrestling and girl’s and boy’s basketball.  Next year volleyball will be added into the mix.  During Covid times many could not get to the games, were not allowed to see the games, or simply feared going out to the games due to potentially contracting Covid at sporting events.  Earlier in the year Mr. Nadeau sent out information to everyone with the link to get a membership to watch all games at home for an entire year for a very low price.  This is a first at JSEC to have another way to be able to cheer on teams and enjoy the games remotely.   Family members may now see their students play with the pressure/fear of coming in to an environment where it may be perceived as not being 100% safe or simply are unable to attend due to other extenuating circumstances.  For anyone who is interested in signing up to view this please see the message from Mr. Nadeau below:

“We finally have our Pixellot camera in the gym ready to broadcast sporting events.  If you have a subscription you are good to go. If not,  you can buy a yearly pass or a monthly pass to view the games by clicking the links below:

In addition to the new camera’s on Thursday Dec, 9th 2021, the gym got taken over by workers who installed the newest sports technology at JSEC.  JSEC was one of 3 schools in Providence to receive this technology.  You simply need to come to a game to see all that it can do.  Accurate points, each players # of points, who had possession of the ball, # of fouls, the quarter of play, and of course the current score.   The video replay screen is like being at the movies, it’s huge and so cool to see our JSEC Logos shown on it in addition to game play video content of our players.

All week we have been polling students to get their thoughts on the new technology

“I can’t wait to do something to get on the big screen in the gym” Leonel

“This brings more school spirit and inspiration, were more into the games”-Luis

“The colors are perfect with our JSEC black and red color theme”-Argy

“I think the video replay is going to be amazing, I think-Farid

“They should have had this up my freshmen year” Farid

“Wish we had it during Volleyball Season” -Sandy

“Looks clean”-Orlando

Often our readers are interested in attending or finding out information about JSEC sports and we have included the link below which contains information related to the JSEC Sports Schedule:

Sports really do bring our JSEC Community together in many ways.  Athletes strive to keep up their grades so they can continue to play on the sports teams, thus the name ‘student-athlete’.  The cheering sounds, excitement of play, celebration of wins, and reflection of losses only to do better next time is similar to all we experience in life.  Please do your best to support our JSEC Sports Teams.  You, yes you, as a parent, fan, non-athlete, athlete, teacher, coach, etc….matter to the athletic events that occur here at JSEC.
Happy Holidays