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  2017-2018 JSEC High School Yearbook 

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Who we are:

Our school is located in the South Side of Providence; a very diverse, inner-city, low and moderate income neighborhood.  100% of our students qualify for free/reduced lunch. Our goal is to have well nourished students who can gain workplace/workforce ready skills. We offer an abundance of educational, social, and community activities.  Some of them include: Yearbook Committee, Newspaper Staff, Student Internships, National Honor Society, Athletics, After-School Tutorials, Extended Learning Opportunities, and Special Events such as our Annual Holiday Talent Show, which have expanded and continues to enrich the diversity within our student body. These additional activities are positive and challenging and add to the students academic, social, and home life.


The majority of these events are captured in photos in our annual JSEC HS Yearbook.    This is our school’s 6th year and our yearbook sponsors have grown in # over the past 6 years showing expanded community collaboration. Our schools yearbook itself has also almost doubled in size showcasing added inputs from just about every aspect of our school community.   The exciting growth of our school’s population & programs have driven the development of more even more programs and events; which creates the need for more community sponsors for our year production and cost subsidies to benefit our low and moderate income students.  We want JSEC stakeholders, including students, parents, relatives, community members, community partners, teachers, etc….to have access to our yearbooks and share in the celebration of memories of our school.

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2017-2018 JSEC sponsor form for your consideration.   Sponsorship allows for us to lower the cost of yearbook even more for the students and allows for yearbook production in addition to promoting companies and organizations who support us.  Click here to consider becoming a JSEC Sponsor: 2018 NEW SPONSOR FORM (1) (3)

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School Annual Publishing Company has been working with JSEC for the past decade and assist in helping publish our annual yearbook.   Students have regularly scheduled meetings and discuss: Layout, design, format, fundraising, editing, photo, web & graphic design, etc….   The link to the site is



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