Reacts Old School (an on-line Ap for Videos)

Jadelyn Santos, Journalist

My name is Jadelyn Santos and I really like making You Tube Video Clips.  Videos are a way to express ourselves as teens in a world that can get kind of crazy.   This video, as you can tell from the title, is about my old  This word is not misspelled, its the way the owners of the site have named it, perhaps to make us all take a double-take at the title which most do.  If you don’t know what is,  it’s an app that you lip sync to and many of us have gotten ‘social media famous’ by using this on line music application.    I know by using this site that my time will come with no worries.

To make a  video it takes about 10 to 15 minutes just  to make one video and have it perfect. Some people would think it’s crazy to take that much time to do something so simple as just one video when the video clip itself usually only takes half that time.   I have been using for about now 3 years and I have to say, I have grown a lot from the site about being creative with my videos and learned alots of new tricks too.   I highly recommend this app to people if they would like to try some lip syncing.   The video here just shows a sample of my work on some old videos.  I hope you like it.  Don’t forget to like, comment, and share with your friends, family,  cats,  and dogs.  Enjoy…….