2018 JSEC Student New Year’s Resolutions


Shaila Lopez, Journalist & Photographer

JSEC Newspaper Staff Reporters randomly¬†questioned JSEC students what their 2018 New Years Resolutions would be and here’s what they came up with:

  • Kailey Capellan-To be more positive and supportive of friends
  • Esteban Ramirez-To make more money
  • Jeffrey Castillo-To avoid distractions
  • Dianna Hernandez-To make more friends
  • Andrea Irizarry- Maintain my A’s that I worked hard to make in 2017
  • Jordan Alvarado-To get a job and make money to buy a car
  • Stephany Reyes-Maintain my good grades
  • Ronny Lopez-Come earlier to school
  • China Yang-To equally balance out work, homework, friends, and have a better quality of life while still in HS.
  • Kevin Xiong-To work out more and become stronger
  • Kim Fuentes-Become better at sports
  • Claribel Alvarez-To graduate High School
  • Remmy Adames-Enhance my photography skills
  • Fred Santos-Take singing lessons and get back into Mixed Martial Arts
  • Lindsay Hernandez-To improve in volleyball
  • Tony Phann-Come to school earlier
  • Anderson Cruz-Get a job and make some $$$$$$
  • Robert Wagner-Improve times in Cross Country
  • Destiny Conception-Improve my grades
  • Shaila Lopez-Really master working on the Yearbook
  • Beauty Askie-Get up earlier in the AM to get to school on time

JSEC wishes everyone success in making 2018 even better than 2017.