*F E A R—-P O N G*- Adventures with Fred (Check This Out!!)

*F E A R----P O N G*- Adventures with Fred (Check This Out!!)

Frederick Santos, Journalist & Photographer

Adventures with Fred took over HATCH in downtown Providence for an afternoon full of some crazy teen fun.  The Hatch is a center in an entrepreneur center located  downtown Providence where is a co-op professionals, curious creators, and future business owners of Rhode Island can use the space for just about anything.  The Hatch donated their space to these teens and the space itself has just about everything in it to assist events and activities to succeed.

Fred Santos is a student here at the Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex and produces, edits, and stars in videos for people of all ages.  Its honest fun and reminds teens to make sure they enjoy their teenage years and make the most of educational and fun activities.

Warning…please do not attempt the activities in this video unless cleared by parents, cleared that you won’t have any reaction related to food allergies, and just want to have some clean fun.    Many of Fred’s Videos can be You Tubed and you can subscribe to see many of his other videos.