9th Grade Contest…Bishop Hendricken Baseball Camp 1 Week


Yearbook Staff, Journalist & Photographer

9th Grade Student Athletes—Specifically Baseball Players


How would you like to win a week at Hendricken High Schools Baseball Camp for FREE?

You can this is how:

Student Athlete Baseball Week Contest

**Prize: Absolutely free week at the 2018 Hendricken High School Baseball Camp**

                    **Prize: Story gets published in the JSEC CAV CHRONICLE

When: 2/6/18-4/28/18: (Contest Runs these date)     8/6/18-8/10/18

(Baseball Camp Runs this week)

@ Hendricken HS

Contest: Write a 2.5 Page typed paper about the benefits of being a student athlete.

Rules for the JSEC Student Athlete Monthly  Writing Contest:

  • Essay must relate to the being a student athlete and how it has effected your life
  • Essay must be your original work.
  • Essay can be no longer than 500 words. (should be about 2.5 pages)
  • Essay must be non-fiction and follow the form of a diary, journal, blog, memoir, or essay.  That is to say…we want real stories about real life…from you.
  • Once entered (it’s free), essay will potentially become a part of the JSEC Cav Chronicles so no foul language or inappropriate material.  Those entries will be removed.
  • Registration simply requires you send entry to Mr. Moreau, JSEC’s Newspaper Advisor
  • Writing submission must come from a current JSEC high school (grade 9-12) student.

 Stage of Life Writing Contest - Judging CriteriaJSEC Cav Chronicle’s Student Athlete Story Judging Process:

Here’s how our judging process works…

I. Grammar counts, so please use correct punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure.

II. Entries must be submitted within the dates specified…no late entries allowed.

III. Entries must not contain any vulgarities.

IV. Entries should be original stories, have a unique style, include a personal point of view, be creative, and should be descriptive in language.    Criteria: Students selected as finalists are chosen for a variety of reasons.  Typically, their writing contest submissions excels in several of the writing components below…

  • Original voice (20%)
  • Unique style (20%)
  • Fresh point of view (20%)
  • Creativity (20%)
  • Descriptive language (20%)

Enter Submissions To:  [email protected]

by March 1st, 2018!!!