JSEC Graduation Highlights


JSEC’s Annual Commencement was held on Wed, June 6th, 2018 at Roberts Hall Auditorium in RI College.   The Commencement ceremony was spearheaded by Vilai Or, Principal, Ariana Testa, Asst. Principal, Carina Pinto, Asst. Principal, Nancy D’Errico, Guidance Counselor, Kristin McCall, Guidance Counselor, Kristin Dehertogh, Guidance Counselor, and our two Senior Class Advisors, Ben and Shannon Gormley.

             Mayor Elorza

The two days of graduation rehearsal was finally about to pay off.  Seniors were ready to celebrate an ending to their high school career and ready to fly into their post secondary ventures.   Excitement grew as each graduate arrived and congregated with their fellow graduates.  Also arriving were the special platform guests including: Mayor Elorza, School Board Representative Bobby Gondola, Superintendent Christopher Maher, Executive Director of High Schools Nkoli Onye, and Community Leader Angel Sanchez.

                         Teachers: Ben Gormley and Mackie Leigh

Kasey Estevez, a graduating Senior, began the ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance, which was then followed by Aremelic Oquendo, another graduating Senior, singing of the National Anthem.  The audience was then welcomed by our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Carina Pinto.  The mayor then jumped in and gave his Mayoral Address.  We then had messages by  the fore mentioned platform guests.   Following this we had very inspirational words a special Senior China Yang, along with our Salutatorian Saderloune Fevry, and Valedictorian Libbania Reyes.

        Seniors Anuska Ortiz & Aremelic Oquen

Following the ceremony Seniors, Families, Teachers, and honored Guests celebrated with hugs, handshakes, balloons, and of course many photos.  The night was a complete success and special thanks the Ben and Shannon Gormley for taking the reigns and spearheading this monumental event.

                      Graduation Success…Henry Peralta and his family