Prom Night 2018 Expections Met Beyond Belief


Nallely Lebron, Journalist + Photographer

Prom Night 2018 was off to a slow start.  The DJ played not so great songs, everyone was just sitting down or taking selfies.   Then all of a sudden Ms. Murphy came on the dance floor and motivated us all to get up and dance.  From that moment on the night started getting much better.  After dancing for a bit we all sat down then got up and rotated through the buffet line and ate with our tables. Following dinner the dancing continued and it was non-stop fun and laughter.  They played musical chairs and we all did the cha cha slide.

We then were all redirected to pay attention because the Prom King/Prom Queen were about to be announced.  We were all very excited and anxious to find out who had won.  The winners this year were:

Prom Queen/Prom King




It was a amazing night, fun, friends, dancing, contests, and an awesome way of many to begin the end of our High School Careers.


JSEC is amazing and I feel so lucky to attend,  take photos,  and write about the nights events.   Thanks to Mrs. Gormley for allowing me to go and for Mr. Moreau assigning this fun event to me.


-Nallely Lebron

Cav Chronicle Staff