Vending Machines–Should Students Suffer Due to a Few?–Opinion Piece


Justin Rodriguez, Journalist

Many students have been wondering where the vending machines went?  Two vending machines disappeared and the other is totally empty.   Our Cav Chronicle Newspaper did some investigative reporting to find out what the heck was going on.  While this story may not be rendered as ‘good news’ the fact that we are advocating for awareness for our school climate and culture to improve is indeed ‘good news’.

Students and some staff were alarmed recently JSEC’s main Gatorade vending machine, in which 100% of the proceeds attributes and supports JSEC athletics, was vandalized, and manipulated, then had to be shut down.  Theft included products falling out and people stealing the items without paying.

I want to take a few moments to share with you how I feel about the vending machines.  I don’t feel students should lose their privileges when it comes being able to use vending machines.  Myself and many other students were  upset to hear about, then actually see, the vending machines that were removed or emptied so students could no longer use them.  We heard the two regular vending machines were removed due to kids loitering around them instead of going to class.  The distraction and constant gathering of students by the machines in between class caused for many to miss valuable class time.  After that we heard that one was vandalized and food and drinks were stolen out of them.   This makes me mad, many of us feel those who were not going to class and hanging out by them instead and those who actually stole from the machine should suffer consequences.  Why should the rest of the student body  have to suffer removal of this privilege because a small fraction could not follow the rules?

“The vending machines were great because we get hungry during the day and its a great way to grab a quick snack.  We need this because we just cant leave the school to go to the store because if we do well get in trouble.  It sucks because knowing its kids who have vandalized the machines knowing this is a priveledge, we are all paying the price.  Also I feel bad that school sports are not being funded due to this.”-Justin Rodriguez

We are aware that the funds raised for any/all vending machines are used for sports and extra curricular activities for JSEC students.  We feel that 98% of us shouldn’t have to pay the price for a handful of kids stealing from JSEC or remaining out of class due to hanging out at machines.

The only remaining vending machine now has a sign on it that reads:  “For those people that were ‘messing’ with the machine to get “free” drinks!  It’s Empty!!”  Find another machine” -Management

I would be very upset if someone destroyed my personal property and am very angry that someone would steal from my school.  Students voices are very important and we hope JSEC reconsiders the vending machine situation.