To Wear or Not Wear a Mask…Why is it even a question?


Jason De Los Santos, JSEC Journalist

Wearing a mask doesn’t sound so difficult right ? Well tell that to the 17% of Americans that refuse to do so during this pandemic. On November 3rd the U.S will be electing it’s leader. This can radically change the way Americans are dealing with Covid-19 during this pandemic, and I thought it was very important that I share and write about how our pre-elected officials influence their opinion on wearing masks.

During a debate Trump proceed to mock Biden as he chooses to wear a double masks, Biden later on responds with “When a President doesn’t wear a mask, or makes fun of folks, like me, when I was wearing a mask for a long time, then people say, well, it must not be that important,” Biden said on ABC.   When a leader does not prove to its people the importance of something, such as staying safe and using safety precautions,  that can potentially slow down the rate of positive covid-19 cases, do you think the people will think otherwise?  They follow a President’s guidelines because he was elected to be the President of the United States  and it’s his job is to provide equality and to guide the people to stay on what some people may call the right path.  He is the President of all Americans regardless of which political party they may be.

Joe Biden later on states that under his control he would approve of a federal mask mandate which doesn’t mean that you have to wear a mask at all times, it means that it is a requirement to wear a mask at certain times and places while doing certain activities.   A small but loud percentage of the public disagree with Biden because they believe that he is taking their rights away although this rule is for the better sake of all Americans.



Professionally graded face masks are the one that should be used, these face masks are made with materials that allow you to breath but don’t allow germs in or out, although face masks don’t 100% work, they work enough to be able to stop most of the amount of germs people expel.   Face masks do have some disadvantages like not being able to hear people talk clearly, it affects how effectively people are able to exercise by having a mask on because it gets harder for people to breathe when doing certain activities.  You are able to not wear a mask if you are at home where you are socially distant and no others in your household have Covid 19.

Overall I feel a federal face mask mandate is needed, and it is at least worth a try.  I’ve seen many positive statistics  and check the statistics on the news each night.  It’s amazing how being required to wear a face mask changes the number of cases reported daily in the U.S.   Seems like those places with no mask mandate have higher numbers.   Myself and my family support this so why should you also, why should other people suffer at the risk of someone’s selfishness.

-Jason De Los Santos