Holly-Daze Craziness Adds Joy To JSEC Students & Families

Tobi Allen, JSEC Newspaper Journalist

Whew, what a whirlwind of activities for a pre-winter break and Holiday Season!  Here at JSEC we were fortunate enough to work with a local business who provided games, gifts, and toys for our students at JSEC.  In addition some advisories celebrated via different celebrations with food, games, and gifts.  Last week was Holiday Spirit Week @ JSEC.  The week had a different theme each day which included: Christmas Pajama Day, Holiday Hat Day, Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, and Elf Day.

Ms. Medina’s Class had a special guest show up named Santa Clause and his beautiful wife Mrs. Claus.  It was very exhilerating to be a part of the event.  ‘It was a happy event to be there next to Santa and to see all the students receive gifts’ -Tobi Allen.    We also had Mary Ethyl & Analicia sign a duet of “All I want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey.  Other songs were played and listened to and we were psyched to be able to sing along.  There was food including Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Doritos, and cup-cakes along with drinks.  There was also a special presentation by Jimmy Calitri, from Providence College, who presented Josh with a special “Beetlejuice” gift package because he heard Josh was a huge fan.  Mr. Calitri is the Director of Theatre at PC and was very happy to be part of the holiday celebration.  Additionally Mr. Calitiri is also planning on sending some of his student interns to JSEC in late February to JSEC’s PE/Health Classes to work on improv activities to address conflict resolution skills.


Advisories had celebrations which included one advisory who had a”Bad Santa Game” where students got to eat lots of food and play a game where everyone was a winner and received toys/games/gifts.  The Bad Santa game included Mr. Moreau’s, Ms. Coste, and Mr. Leigh’s advisory and there were 25 gifts wrapped in sealed gift bags. Each student got a # and had to open one gift.  If that student didn’t like their gift they were able to be a ‘bad santa’ and take another person’s gift and give that person the gift they wanted to swap.  It was a lot of fun and prizes included: Scooters, rocket launchers, science lab kits, games, books, school supplies, and so much more.  All students left with a gift and the students had a chance to close their Chromebooks and just enjoy the holiday and take in time with their teachers and friends.


Needless to day the Holiday’s here have been a lot of fun and all of this happened while we attended our regular classes and completed all of our regular work.  Happy to be part of a school where people, traditions, cultures, kindness, and generosity are celebrated.

Holiday Stockings were given out to each and every student at JSEC. We each had a list of names that we would highlight who came and received one.  Names were checked off, and those who were absent were able to pick up their stocking the following day.   Ms. Birbuet  and her 5th Period Class (Tobi, Antonia, Yashara, Angel, Luis, Abriana, Enrique, Erick, & Jonathan) all prepared the stockings and passed them out and Angel made sure he signalled to Mr. Q once students had arrived and picked up stockings so then another grade level could be called down.  The mission was to ensure that each and every student received a stocking to bring home.

Mr. Rametti and Ms. Testa also had a “Hot Cocoa and Cookie” table for the staff in the Teachers Lounge.  Teachers were appreciative of the gesture as students and teachers all took part in some type of celebration this week.

From the Newspaper Staff to all JSEC Family, Friends, and Readers….Happy Holidays to ALL!!!