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JSEC & Our Providence Community Need Blood Donations

Give Now Here’s How


There is a huge shortage of blood donations around the world and JSEC has and continues to counter this shortage by giving back.  This Tuesday, February 13th, 2024, JSEC will hold it’s bi-annual blood drive.  The Bloodmobile will be here and giving is easy.  Please see Ms. Young or Mr. Moreau in the gym if you are interested in donating. 

While promoting this need for blood we found an alarming statistic:  There is decreasing number of bloo recipients and blood donors around the world and it’s not due to need.  We thought by sharing some information about the “Why” that maybe in fact that YOU, our Cav Chronicle readers, may consider giving.   Some of the JSEC Yearbook and Newspaper even worked to paint a mural to bring attention to this very important campaign. 

JSEC student volunteers promoting the JSEC Blood Drive
JSEC student volunteers promoting the JSEC Blood Drive


Why is there a shortage of blood donors? The shortage of blood donors has fallen by more than “300,000 since 2019 due to the pandemic” stated in the article by Sareen Habeshian, the need of donors is urgent as the country has been at its lowest number of donors in 20 years, as the number of donors in the Red Cross has fallen by about 40% over the last two decades.

Why isn’t the younger generation donating blood? Based on a survey done by National Institute of Health,  half of the 3,050 people who answered the survey answered that they were ‘afraid of not feeling well’.  Additionally more than 30% said ‘they were afraid of needles’.   Another survey stated ‘laziness was the main reason stated by males’  for not giving blood, while for females it was stated as ‘not having good information’.   A research survey by Vanessa Wolosz stated that ‘Most people are also not aware of the blood donor shortage and the immense threat that this shortage poses on our healthcare system.’

Why Should You Donate Blood? Donating blood is a critical and selfless act that holds profound benefits for the donor/donee and society as a whole.  Now here are three main reasons one may need blood:

  • First, A condition that affects the blood cells in your body and how they work such as: sickle cell disease, or thalassaemia. Many different types of cancer such as: leukaemia, chemotherapy,  or stem cell transplants require blood to resupply the blood that was taken. (also cancer blood may not be used in blood donation, however cancer blood is used for clinical trials to make drugs and test them on cancerous blood in hopes to solve cancer once and for all).
  • Finally, severe bleeding – usually from surgery, childbirth or a serious accident in order to give blood in place of the lost blood. Consider contacting the American Red cross to give back.

All JSEC/360 students are invited to join our BLOOD MOBILE, on Tues, February 13th, 2024 to increase the number of blood donations for those in need around the world. We hope the information we have shared motivates you to give back.   One donation could literally save 3 lives, which in itself is a powerful reason to give back.  We thought now that you have the “Why” answered it’s best to give you the important “When” part of this article. 

When: BLOOD DRIVE TUESDAY, 2/13/2024.  Please sign up prior to the Blood Drive or on the day of early in the day so they can reserve s spot for you.   Questions please see Ms. Young or Mr. Moreau in the gymnasium.

Thanks to all for consideration to join in our school Blood Drive.


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