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National Honors Society and JSEC Administration Celebrate Teachers

In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, JSEC Administration, led by Mrs. Testa and Mr. Fretts,  started the week  by extending a word of gratitude to all of JSEC educators who tirelessly dedicate their time and energy to supporting our nation’s youth and specificially the students here at Juanita Sanchez.  They wanted to thank Teachers for everything they do for our students day in and day out.   Additionally Ms. Greene, and the National Honors Society here at JSEC wanted to assist with distribution of miscellaneous thank-you’s.    The week consisted of the following tokens of appreciation.


-Monday-Starbucks Gift Card

-Tuesday-Thank-You Notes

-Wednesday-Coffee/Donut Day

-Thursday-Kindness Bags

-Friday-Lunch Gift

Teachers were beyond appreciative for the tokens of thanks and expressed that teaching @ JSEC  is a very fufilling experience.   

Sounds, Phrazes, and Thoughts Heard Out and About @ JSEC Throughout the Week From Students & Teachers


“I appreciate the teachers at JSEC because they are making improvements for a better future for students and for the entire school community”-Andreana Ramos

“The teachers are here are much more patient with the students and they let me listen to music while reading as it helps me focus” -Elizabeth Gomez

“The teachers are trying to do as hard as they can to encourage the students to study and get good grades”-Nestor Jimenez

“The teachers at JSEC are good, they teach me new things.  For example Mr. G has taught me how to write good essays because I never knew how to write them before” -Luz Cataran

“I like the Teachers at JSEC becasue they help the studett’s succeed in each class and in life.  I’m happy to be a student here at JSEC because the teachers are super nice and friendly” Melody Reyes

“We really enjoy our PE classses because we not only work out, learn sports, and get fit, but they make it fun”  -Marianny Bonilla

“My last period teacher brings us pizza at the end of the week when we finish our work.  Who is better than that”-Elianny Santos

“So great that these act of kindness for us that took place, it’s great to teach here where teamwork is the focal point and we are always celebrating students and teacher success” -JSEC Teacher

“I’ve worked at many schools and have never felt so appreciated before…Thank-You” -JSEC Teacher

“We are like a family here and all support and appreciate each other”-JSEC Teacher

“JSEC Administration and National Honors Society…your acts of kindness do not go unnotticed, much appreciation”-JSEC Teacher

“Ms. Testa is loved by all the staff, she is kind, organized, and trailblazes forward as the school moves forward, we are so happy she is leading us” -JSEC Teacher

“It’s great to be appreciated, I especially love the way the studetns give their time to make sure all teachers reeive appreciation gifts!  We have the best students in the world” -Ms. Jenner

“Our teachers at JSEC do their very best to give us the proper education even when they do not have all the tools to do it.  The majority of the teachers never give up on the students and encourage the students not to give up on themselves”-Aidile Gomes

“I really appreciate that the teachers do so for what they do for us.  I don’t think we could do enough to repay them and was happy to be part of the NHS serving the teachers lunch” -Jaya Richard

“I think teachers here are cooperative and caring with their students and they never fail to teach us something new” -Jonathan Pena

“Teacher are amazing here, I love the way they teach us and make sure we learn each and everyday” -Raquel Ortiz

We as students should continue to celebrate each other, our families, our positive role models and make JSEC the best High School in Providence.  We have so many positive things happening here.

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