Food Brings People Together…International Food Fest Hits JSEC & 360


Pictured: Ms. Aghia, Ms. Valasquez, and Ms. Holt all supporting JSECs 2nd Annual International Day.

Students from JSEC & 360 collaborated last week to have its 2nd Annual International Food Fest in the library.  Ms. Aghia’s Class held it’s 2nd Annual International Food Fest which brought together many cultures from many different companies.  Food brings people together and what better way to share information about each others cultures than by eating delicacies from each others countries.  Students, staff, and some visitors swung by the library where the event took place, to listen to some music, hear about interesting facts about other countries which are much different than the United States.


Each year are JSEC staff see such a variety of faces looking back at us and the diversity seems to be  This is because Providence,  where our school is located, is the second ethnically diverse city in the state of Rhode Island.  It is so important to celebrate the diversity that exists at JSEC and Mrs. Aghia brought this believe front and center with this International and at my school.   Teaching students to embrace their diversity helps create an atmosphere of respect and appreciation at JSEC and in the world.   During this time students research the countries of their ancestors and present their research at an International Festival to celebrate their different cultures through posters, flag, patriotic music, and international cuisine.