School Shootings & Conflict Resolution Addressed Head On At JSEC–Alex Snow–Guest Presenter



JSEC School Violence Prevention Team
JSEC School Violence Prevention Team

With the recent incidents locally and nationally with violence in schools Ms. Young and Mr. Moreau’s Health Classes added a guest speaker who brought the realness of the streets into the classroom.  Alex Snow, with the Non-Violence Institute located in Providence, was invited to speak to the students at JSEC.  The objective was to speak to the students with the realities of how to handle conflict appropriately and what can potentially happen when we don’t.  Alex Snow was locked up for 2 decades, he shared his story, how it effected himself and just about everyone else around him.  The presentation was heart felt, brought tears, and Alex’s presentation style with the way he communicates is 2nd to none.   For a sample of Alex presenting please click on the link below:

Following the presentation students had the opportunity to ask questions and the following Health Class students wrote reflective thoughts which are included here:

“The presentation was very inspiring and very interesting.  It was also very sad to know what he went through but it also felt really good that now he is telling his story to teens and is trying to make them understand the importance of living a good life.  He wants to make sure students don’t go through what he went through and that they don’t make the same mistakes he made” -Samira Nayte

“The presentation was literally the best I’ve ever seen.  He was honest, real, and really gave me some life lessons.  Some ow what he had to say made me think and it resonated with me.  I wish he could come back because he was very helpful especially with relating to the times we live in inside of Providence”-Jalen Galves

“Something I learned from the presentation was to always stay humble, because even though he went through a lot of hard times, he kept himself humble.  The presentation was amazing and inspirational.” -Kollali Nayte

“When  the speaker came in I didn’t expect the speech he gave.  I thought it was going to be another speaker talking about mental health or nutrition.  I learned a lot from Alex.  I learned that even just one bad decision can change your life forever.   That decision can also effect those around you.  Bad decisions not only effect you but your family  and those that we care about”-Arianna Orellanna

“When the speaker Alex told us he went to jail I was shocked.  The fact he shared that his actions put him there and that he owned that was powerful.  I like the fact he is out of jail and came back in a big way to share his story with other”-Mark Jarwet

“I learned a lot from Alex like how to be a better man and not to do bad things”-Heland Monge

“The presentation was interesting and very hardcore, but truthful.  I know some people in the room needed to hear it more than others.  My takeaway was that your actions really do have an effect on others around you” -Richett Oran

“The part where Alex misses his mother, and sharing the effect that his mom had on him and the regrets he had really made me think that I will always do what’s needed to honor my Mom and Dad”-Paul Sungula

“I like about how he was keeping it real with us.  He spoke facts and I respect that” -Sharteek

“This presentation will save lives.  Students will listen, they will reflect, changes will be made, and when a conflict arises they will think back to what was presented here today and make better choices.  Students will also reexamine who is in their friend group and ask themselves are these the people I should be hanging with and are we making the right choices” -Mr. Moreau


Alex is planning on returning to speak to the 2022-2023 class in September.