JSEC Students Win Big with Fenway/JSEC Grant Award of $10,000


On Thursday 5th our geometry classes went to Fenway Park in Boston.  Most were signed up way ahead of time, others signed up last minute but in getting out of our regular day to day classes and sneaking away to Boston made for a very fun and different day of school.   Anyone reading this should’nt worry,  we all had tickets and entered in a legal manner.  Before describing the day’s events it is important to point out that the excitement began as we were called down to get on the busses.   The adventure did not start at Fenway Park but once we got inside the luxurious
five star bus that was provided for us.  The busses were super nice, had plush seats, tv’s, and of course bathrooms.  We boarded quickly, attendance was taken, permission slips were checked and within minutes we were leaving Providence,  then after 10 minutes out of Rhode Island, and soon to be seen the amazingly beautiful view of Boston Massachusettes.

Once we got to our destination (everyone excited but respectful) we were
provided tickets which included a  $25 food voucher so we could purchase food in the partk.    For some people $25 didn’t seem like a lot, but my friends and I used our remarkable brains and combined all our voucher money and
ended up buying a feast of ball park tasty food.  Six of us shared our seemingly endless mound of food and we were all stuff after divulging burgers, hotdogs, nachos, chips, & our drinks.    After this we struggled to
fill and find our seats.  One in our group joked that he stadium was so large that we should have taken on geography/cartography class prior to leaving so we would know where the heck we were.   Another friend thought that maybe Fenway should have had a flyer on how to find your seat in a huge stadium.  Eventually we made it to our seats where the rest of our class and teachers were waiting for

The game overall was a lot of fun and our school was acknowledged on the huge screens all over the ballpark.  There
were many different schools there as well which made the day all that more exciting.  We represented Providence, JSEC, and it felt great being there.

The day itself was about learning about the park, a little about Boston, spending time with friends, and watching a ballgame on a pretty nice day.  Unfortunately  the Red Sox themselves did not do very well but it
was a good game either way and Boston had fought a hard battle against the Angels who had an amazing pitcher.

Once the game was almost over, we had to wait, wait, and wait evern more for our bust to pick us up.  Finally the bus arrived and it was our turn to quickly board and start to had back home.  We all chatted and laughed as we waited for the bus and as the bus doors opened it was like the doors of heaven. Once again we were in the most
luxurious five star bus that was supplied with air conditioning and a nice bathroom, toilet, phone charging plugs,  and the most comfortable seats that were more comfortable than the Fenway bleacher seats.

Our amazing teacher Ms. Heald also provided us with food and snacks for our way back to school so we were extremely satisfied with the experience. We all had fun and will never forget our wonderful trip.

This field trip was made possible by the PPSD Cares program which awarded our Geometry classes approximately $10,000. Under this grant, we have been applying modeling and scale factors as we construct our individual projects. The original plan was to have everyone build a scale model of Fenway Park, but it was decided early on in the project that it would be more engaging for the students to be able to select their own building or to design their own dream home. The models should be completed in early June. Come check them out in the library and vote for your favorite!

I would also like to note that this was our first Math field trip, and it was a fun time. The students exemplified our JSEC values!