Ms. Wheelchair RI Visits RI to Advocate for Kids with Disabilities

On Friday, October 25th, 2019, Ms. Wheelchair RI, Ashley Nicole Cabrita visited our classrooms.  We learned many things new and old about Ms. Wheelchair and the work she does. She is really very pretty and dresses nice.  She seems very motivate and determined.  She spoke about how she sets goals for herself each and every day.  She never lets her disabilities keep her down or prevent her from pursuing her goals.   She drive a really nice van that is designed for those with disabilities.  She competed in the National Ms. Wheelchair competition in July 2019. She ended up doing well but in the end she lost to Ms. Missouri.


I learned how Ms. Wheelchair is a strong advocate for individuals with disabilities in the cummmunity and partners with many orgainzations to improve their lives.  She also works at Ginger Snaps in Lincoln, RI, which is a bakery and enjoys making delicious treats.