Maylin Rosales & Maria Vasquez, Journalist

On Wednesday Feb 2nd, 2022 the Fashion Club turned into it’s very own beauty bakery!    The Fashion Club, looking fabulous,  led by Ms. Nadia, is a club that is much more than fashion, styles, and trends.  The club has about 20 members which meets a couple times a week and it has brought culture, real world issues, and finesse to all participants.  The great thing about this club is that it is co-ed, anyone can join this club and it’s actually a lot of fun!  Meetings are held in room 100, the former dance room, and anything and everything happens there.  It’s a place where you can come be yourself, express or not express yourself, be creative, and expand mindsets which is so critical during the high school year.   The club decided to hit Fashion Week in Rhode Island by heading to RISD then enjoying a nice luncheon on on Federal Hill.

Here is some insight from Maylin Rosales &  Maria Vasquez who are Fashion Club Insiders:

Fashion designers create accessories and clothing designs and take into account current trends and in addition to the market and design and make haute couture, it is the most exclusive area of ​​fashion design and consists of creating and making garments.  We are working before the fashion show week hand in hand to review every one of the processes linked to the creation of an original garment.  We enjoy seeing how the designer describes each product.

There is a group after school and in this group created by Ms. Nadia Jourabchi where there are students who make their own design or imitate clothing designs.  The members also  attempt to create something exclusive so that the other students enjoy it.  The students like the club a lot to and it is evident that many give their best to create the design.   Last week the Fashion Club united with the other students in the school and collaboration was at it’s best.  Members of the club brought in lots of bakery treats and carried them into the main foyer and set up a mini bakery.  There were sales of many different types of cookies, different kinds and cupcakes, and much more.  Each item was only $1 dollar and the money that will be saved and used for a trip of the Design Fashion club to RISD.  The next bakery sale will be on February 14, 2022, Valentines Day, and many of the same treats will be sold again.  Please come out and support the Fashion Club!  

We thank the Juanita Sanchez Education Complex and the Principals and Directors and Teachers who donated money to the Club and for allowing us to open this sale for the Fashion Club


This past weeks bake sale was a hit! The fashion club was so excited to get experience to learn about customer service and leadership.  The items sold were cupcakes, brownies, cookies and cannolis!   The cupcakes and brownies were a big success. The club raised 200.00 dollars in about an hour!   There will be more bake sales and all monies that will be raised will be for about twenty members of the Fashion Club. The money raised will go to RISD for fashion week in April as well as a ” fancy” lunch out at Venda Ravioli in Providence. The lunch will focus on social skills and etiquette! Needless to say the students are super excited and it’s guaranteed to be an exciting event!


 Fashion Club (en espanol) 

Los diseñadores de la moda crean diseños de accesorios y ropa y tienen en cuenta las tendencias actuales y además del mercado y diseño y confeccionar pueden de alta costura se trata de la area mas exclusiva de diseño de moda y consiste en crear y confeccionar  prendas,estamos por tanto antes la moda elaborada artesanalmente en todos y cada uno de los procesos vinculados a la creación de una prenda originales y es lo que describe a los diseñadores  hay un grupo después de la escuela y en este grupo creado por Ms. Nadia Jourabchi   donde hay estudiantes que realizan su propio diseño o imitan diseños de ropa,  Intentos de crear algo exclusivo  para q los demás estudiantes lo disfruten mucho al ver que dieron lo mejor de ellos/ellas al crear el diseño y que combinen con los demás estudiantes que entran en el grupo y este 2 de febrero del 2022 se a realizado una colaboración dentro de la escuela donde se realizó una venta de galletas de diferentes clases y pastelitos que se vendieron por 1$  dólar y el dinero q se utilizara para un paseo para el Fashion club de diseño el 14 de febrero de 2022 se volverá a vender galletas de diferente clases de pastelitos.

Les agradecemos a Juanita Sanchez Education Complex  y a los Principales y Directores y Maestros que donaron dinero al Club y por permitir a abrir esta venta para Fashion Club


By Maylin Rosales, Maria Vasquez