Benedict’s Great Journey–Original Story by Javier Portillo

Benedicts Great Journey--Original Story by Javier Portillo

Javier Marin Portillo, Journalist

Benedict’s Great Journey


By: Javier Marin Portillo

There once was an egg who strived for adventure and danger out of the comfort of his little eggy town. The egg’s name was Benedict and he was bored of his everyday life in eggville. He always looks out of his window in his house, looking at Mount eggerest during the night. He dreams of climbing the mountain and prove to his parents that he was old enough to climb to the top! Everyday he asked his mom and dad if he could go venture off to the adventure, they always said “no, being in the town is enough excitement for you young Benedict”. But Benedict thought one night “no is all I ever got in my life, I must leave this boring place and run like the wind to that mountain!” And so he did, Benedict walked stealthily out of his parents home.

The journey was easy at first, he walked through a field . He went up a mini staircase that went into the plains area of the mountain. After he finished walking in that area, Benedict found a red and gray cap hat on the ground. He put on the hat and jumped on some crates to go to higher heights. Benedict knew that the higher up he went up the mountain, the air would get colder and colder. But that didn’t stop the egg, he just kept going up and up the mountain. As he was walking, he saw an egg with a strange orange face. The egg said in a loud voice,“It’s gonna be cold!” All of the sudden, an egg jumped out of a nearby bush and went next to the orange egg. The egg’s head was a little larger than an average egg’s head and the head was yellow. The egg said with a proud smile on his face,“”Oh my gosh this just in! Breaking news coming to me just now, I believe the weatherman has said his first words!” The strange orange egg said,”It’s gonna be cold, I’m so cold.” Benedict said “umm okay? What does this mean eggsactly?” The yellow egg said”oh sorry, force of habit. You see, me and my orange friend here tried to climb this mountain but we forgot that we were afraid of heights”. Benedict asked the egg when they started climbing the mountain. The yellow egg said ”we started our eggspedition on February 10, 2019.”

After that, Benedict said his farewells to the egg duo and the yellow egg wished Benedict good luck on his journey up the mountain. Benedict said thanks and continued on his question up the mountain. Benedict then jumped on some more crates and platforms. He said to himself ”whoosh, boom, one small step for egg, one giant leap for eggkind.” After some jumping and walking, Benedict came across a little wooden bridge. Benedict went across the bridge and was glad that the bridge was very well made or else he would’ve fallen down a large ravine! Benedict was walking a little until he came across a large two part staircase, Benedict walked up it. Benedict walked some more until he came across a large dark cave. Benedict knew he had to go inside that cave in order to be able to move on through the mountain. He went into the cave, it was very dark and spooky in there. Then Benedict finally found the exit out of the cave and when he got out of the cave, he had a great surprise! Benedict was now in the snowy area of the mountain, and things were about to get chilly for Benedict. In front of Benedict were three crate piles, Benedict jumped on all three of the piles to get to the other side of the parkour. Benedict walked a little and saw a staircase made of crates.

He used the staircase to get to another platform. At this point, Benedict knew that he was doing a great job of walking up the mountain. The egg had then started jumping up multiple snowy platforms now. As he jumped, he was humming a merry tune in his mouth. Benedict was now starting to get tired now. He said to the sky ”I don’t know if I can do it great egg in the sky, I just don’t know if i can do it.” All of the sudden, a giant pink egg figure appeared in the sky. It said ”do not worry Benedict, eggs cannot freeze.” Benedict said “is that true?” The great egg in the sky said ”yes it is true, I’m gonna go now because I have lots of things to do. Goodbye Benedict, never give up on your quest!” Benedict said ”Okay goodbye!” The great egg in the sky said ”Later!” And the giant egg disappeared in the sky and Benedict continued walking up the snowy platforms. After some walking jumping on a few steep platforms, Benedict finally made it to the top of Mount eggerest! Up there was very cold and snowy, Benedict saw a big object in the distance, He got closer to it and it looked like a giant cannon. The egg got very curious and decided to hop in the giant cannon. As soon as he got in, the cannon shot him to a giant cloud in the sky. On the cloud, Benedict saw a red house in the distance, and then an egg with a wizard hat approached Benedict. He said ”Greetings Benedict, welcome to my giant cloud of wizardry!” Benedict said“I can’t believe I’m the first egg to ever get to the top of mount eggerest!” The wizard said “well Benedict, my name is Nimblz and now that you’re adventurous and dangerous journey is over, I shall create a portal that will take you back to your little hometown of eggville.” Nimblz said some ancient words and a pink portal appeared next to the great wizard! Benedict said ”okay goodbye, it was an honor meeting you Nimblz.” Nimble said “goodbye Benedict, oh I forgot to tell you that I was the one who made the crates appear on the mountain!” But it was too late! Benedict ran straight to the portal as soon as he said goodbye. After that, Benedict appeared in eggville’s beautiful water fountain. He jumped out and ran home. Benedict had finally proved to his parents that he was no longer a little egg and that he wants to become an adventurer and explore his world! His mom and dad finally said yes and Benedict was as happy as an egg could be! And Benedict lived happily ever after, The end!